Curse of InniStrahd

Wined and Dined

Bob: Sven
Bethany: Cucumber
Sarah Hoover: Ricard
Trevor: Selena

The PC’s arrived at the fortified city of Krezk. They approach the guards, who then fetch the burgomeister, a stern man named Dmitri Krezkov. He refuses to let the party in, as adventurer’s lead to trouble. He only offers entrance if the party can discover why the delivery from the Wizards of the Wines Winery hasn’t arrived.

The party made it’s way to the winery. As they approached, a cloaked figure explains to the party that this is, in fact, his winery and that a group of evil druids had taken over, preventing the delivery of the wine. The PCs investigated the outside of the building but found that only the loading dock area was open, as the door hung ajar after being forced open. Before proceeding in, they loosen the horses in the stables in case they needed to escape.

As they proceeded in, they could hear harsh commands being spoken. Upon entering the room with the fermentation vats, they discovered one of the druids with a large number of twig blights. As they fought, a swarm of ravens helped them in their struggle. The party quickly dispatched the foe. They investigated the area and found a vial of poison the druid used on the wine. They investigated the rest of the first floor, but found nothing of note, only taking a few bottles of the poisoned wine in case it was needed later.

They decided to then ascend the stairs, Sven still in bear shape. They soon found a room with a strange machine being investigated by a druid and two vine blights. Though the quarters were tight, the PCs came out on top. they investigated the room, finding a key and discovered the machine was actually a printing press for the wine labels.

They then rummaged through the bedrooms. In one child’s bedroom, they found a terrible looking rocking horse with the name “Beuccephalus” and the words “Is No Fun, Is No Blinsky” carved into it. In the master bedroom, they unlocked a chest containing a large sum of money and a secret compartment with a locket and some gems. The party only took the gems. They then found the key to the chest in the bed post, using it to lock the chest back up. They also found a manifest of deliveries going back over 100 years.

They snuck through the hallway into the loading winch where they heard a druid cackling in druidic. One comprehend language check later, the PCs discovered he was saying “Nature bows to my every whim, for I have the vampire’s staff!” The PCs busted into the area and made quick work of the foolish druid. However, his body fell down into the loading area. Cucumber and Rickard used the winch to get down, both seeking to find the staff for themselves, while the remainder of the party took the long way back. After a short struggle, Rickard came out on top.

The PCs finally descended into the basement cellar. They fought one final druid, who along with five needle blights, destroyed a number of the wine bottles. They defeated the last force standing in their way. They investigated one final secret room, containing brown mold to keep the bottles chilled. A few points of damage later, the party emerged from the winery, allowing the Martikov family to reclaim their home and business. Dmitri then opened up, explaining that he and his family were actually a secret group of druids known as the Keepers of the Feather and they often assume the form of ravens to help deal with Strahd. He also revealed that the only way he can grow his vineyard was with the help of three magical stones that are about the same size and shape as a pinecone. Three of them have been stolen and he urges the PCs to go to Berez and Yesterhill to recover two of them, though he doesn’t know what happened to the third. He offers room and board for the night and fetches the rest of the party and Ireena and her brother, allowing them to spend the night in safety.


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