Curse of InniStrahd

Tying up loose ends

Shane: Gleb
Keira: Alva
Megan: Anamortiva
Sarah Hood: Aleksandra
Jesse Hood: Valen

Having obtained a dress, the party decides to head back to Krezk. After a short internal debate, they decided to head back to the Abbey to further test to see if the Abbotess had truly good intentions. Valen used detect good and evil to determine she was evil. A fight ensued with the Abbotess and her creation. Aleksandra trapped her with a spell while the rest of the party hammered away, making quick work of the fallen angel. Her skaab bride was swiftly dealt with afterwards. Upon inspection, Valen finds the Sword of St. Traft, a powerful holy sword used by a famous fiend hunter.

With a new tool in tow, the crew decides to revisit the Old Bonegrinder. The find the three hags outside. Aleksandra trapped the mother while the party hacked away at her. Now stronger from their other encounters, they dodged and shrugged off the hags’ coven spells until the mother was defeated. The sisters, now unable to make use of their most potent spells, were no match for the powered up party and Valen’s new sword.

The PCs investigated their new base, finding two children who insist on staying with Ismark and Ireena.


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