Curse of InniStrahd

The Abbey of Saint Traft

Bob: Sven
Bethany: Cucumber
Jesse: Valen
Sarah: Aleksandra
Shane: Gleb

The PCs returned to Krezk in the morning, delivery in tow. Dmitri welcomed them in but implored them to not cause trouble for these poor people who don’t have much defense.

The party looked for shops, but upon finding none, quickly go to the Abbey. They are greeted by two guards, the chatty but slow Otto and the more guarded Zygfrek. The two guards looked like monstrous fusions of human and animal. They led the PCs to the courtyard of the Abbey, which was in shambles. The two scurried off for a little bit. They hear the sounds of crying and screaming that concerns them. The PCs found another one of the creatures with wings and spider mandibles. She tried to escape, but the chains held her down. They send Ireena back to the burgomeister with the others to protect her, fearing the Abbey may not be the safe haven they originally thought it was. The PCs found another one in a well. Upon asking it about itself, it mentioned something insane and murderous, before beginning to climb up the walls. The PCs quickly took it out. Shortly after, the Abbotess arrived and explained that these poor creatures were one a very sick family that she healed, but they insisted on being made perfect by being combined with animal parts. She also explained that she believes that Strahd can be saved if he falls in love and gets married. To that end, she requests the PCs go and find a wedding dress for a bride she is preparing. The PCs agree hesitantly, though since the Abbotess refused to show them her bride, they feared she had plans for Ireena. Valen discovered that the Abbotess was actually an angel in disguise. The Abbotess dismisses herself.

Aleksandra then convinces Otto to show them more of the Belview family. He agrees, taking them to Clovin Belview, the head of the family, who had an additional shrunken head along with his normal one. He also had a large lobster claw on his left arm. He was clearly drunk and playing music on his viola when the PCs intrude. He is quick to guard the covered table in the room. However, after convincing him they were with the Abbotess, he uncovers the table. The player see their own body parts on the table! After a moment, though, they see that they were, in fact, the remains of recently deceased women. They concluded that the bride must be a flesh golem, but they don’t immediately discredit the Abbotess’s plan.

They make their way back to the burgomeister’s cottage. Upon describing a spring and a shrine, Ireena mentions she is thirsty. They go to the spring. Upon looking at the spring, a young handsome man appears in the pool. He says “Tatyana! It has been so long. Come, my love. Let us be together at last.” A ghostly form appears out of Ireena, appearing almost identical to the girl. She replied. “My beloved Sergei! In life, you were a prince and a man of faith. We were to be married long ago. Has this blessed pool called your spirit to me?” The geist enters the pool and the two fade happily into the Blessed Sleep. Immediately, a large bolt of lightning strikes the pool, knocking everyone but Cucumber (who had been repairing the shrine) down, while destroying the shrine to Avacyn. A deep voice is heard from the mountains. “SHE IS MINE!” Ireena explains that Tatyana and Sergei were to be wed, but Strahd in his jelousy killed Sergei and chased Tatyana off of a cliff. The PCs gather Ireena and her brother and decide that Krezk is no longer safe for them. As they are about to leave the town, they are met by a handsome, but pale, man who called himself Lord Vasili von Holtz, an ambassador for Strahd. He quickly begins to make work of the party, even draining
Valen of blood to the point of unconsciousness, then leaving an invitation the Castle Ravenloft. The PCs leave immediately and make their way to the town of Lammas to find a wedding dress.


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