Curse of InniStrahd


Shane: Gleb
Keira: Alva
Deanna: Anastasia
Sarah Hood: Aleksandra
Jesse Hood: Valen

The players head for Lammas to find a wedding dress to appease the Abbotess, though there is still some hesitance in the group about the plan. They first make their way to the Blue Water Inn to find a room. They meet up with a mysterious man who calls himself Rictavio. After a back and forth conversation, he reveals himself to be the famous church inquisitor Rem Karolus. He Tells the PCs of his hidden stash of goods they can use. Hidden amidst the treasures is the Tome of Strahd, a personal memoir explaining the history of the Lord of the Land.

Afterwards, they asked around town about where to find a wedding dress. The villagers point them to the house of the burgomeister. They are led in by a maid who introduces them. The burgomeister requests their aid helping with a new festival this week. The PCs go off to consider the proposal and find the burgomeister’s wife to discuss the idea of getting the dress. Valen decides to detect good and evil, since he is suspicious of the people. Sure enough, the burgomeister was villainous. Thus, Valen, Gleb, and Alva attack the burgomeister and his henchmen, Izek. The PCs take down both men and the burgomeister’s mastiffs. Alva cuts of Izek’s cursed arm and takes it as a prize. Aleksandra and Tasia stayed behind to console the women before the party decided to investigate the house. On the second floor, Izek’s room was full of dolls from Blinsky’s toys that looked creepily similar to Ireena. Alva begins investigating the attic, finding a door and gathering the party. Upon trying to open the door, she activated a ward that shocked her. The PCs enter the room to find a number of skeletal cats and a magical circle. Aleksandra was able to determine that the circle was a teleportation circle, but one that was seriously flawed and dangerous. At the party’s suggestion, she lights it on fire with a spell. Out of the corner of the room, a sudden blast of ice shot out, hitting some of the party and the circle. The party immediately sees this as an act of aggression and quickly kills the young man. Tasia finds the local priest to see if there is anything he can do. He is able to heal the son, but the decapitated burgomeister is gone for good. The priest expresses his concern to her that the bones of St. Andral, which have been protecting the church and the people at night, are missing and need to be found.

Meanwhile, at the behest of Aleksandra, the others find Blinsky’s Toys. They interrogate the man, but discover that he is just a simple man who likes making toys and has a strange aesthetic sense.


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