Curse of InniStrahd

Session Two: Death Hose

Lane: Darrius
Shane: Gleb
Megan: Anamortiva
Trevor: Selena
Sarah: Rickard
Deanna: Tasia

PC’s are suspicious of the fog and the lack of people on the streets and only one path being available, however they follow the path that leads them to a building with two small children PC’s Approach the two children:

Child 1: There is a monster in the house!

Gleb: What kind of monster?

Child 1: I don’t know what kind of monster is in the house I only know that it howls. My parents locked it in the basement. I don’t know where my parents are.

Darrius: Can you walk us through what happened?

Gleb: When did this monster come about?

Rickard: Has this ever happened before?

Selena: Have you ever seen your parents at the same time of the monster?

Child 1: No I have never seen the monster?

PC’s: (Assume it is a Werewolf and they enter the house)

Gleb: (Does insight check and finds that the children are being genuine.)

PC’S enter the house those that do not have dark vision are unable to see:

Rickard: Casts Light on his shirt, and checks for traps; does not find any traps.

Selena: Examines the portraits on the wall but does not recognize the family.

PC’s listen closely to see if they can hear anything:
All that is able to be heard is a slight breeze outside the house.

Darrius recommends splitting up to scout. Gleb ignores Darrius and walks through the front door, the rest of the group follows.

PC’s begin to search the first floor of the house:
Anamortiva: Looks around the room for any signs of a struggle, but doesn’t see anything. She does notice that there are skulls and snakes inter woven in the wall tapestry.

Selena: Lights the fire place

Darrius: Yells “Is there anyone here?” (There is no response)

Gleb: Starts to open every door in the house. Enter one of the rooms and finds a top hat that he then puts on and leaves the room.

Darrius: sneaks into one of the rooms (dining room) and begins to search it, he sees that there are wolves and twisted faces carved into the wood of the table. The table is set as if people were getting ready to eat.

Selena: Examines the silverware and takes 2 knives and 2 forks.

Rickard: Examines the room for strange architecture but doesn’t find anything.

Darrius: “Gleb there is food behind that wall!”

Gleb: Attacks wall (Fails) however he then enters into the kitchen and starts to eat the food, (he does not like the taste).
Gleb: (Opens another set of doors to find a dumbwaiter) Notices that it does not go down any further. He then goes into the pantry and eats more food (he does not like it).

Tasia: Enters into another room, it is a hunters den, the rest of the PC’s follow.

Darrius and Gleb: Destroy the stuffed wolves in the room for good measure, the wolves were indeed stuffed.
Selena: searches a cabinet and finds a desk of cards and takes it. She then check the other cabinet and finds that it is locked. She looks at Gleb and asks him to smash it.

Gleb: smashes the cabinet, they find several crossbows and bolts. Gleb take a heavy crossbow and Selena takes a hand crossbow, they leave the light crossbow.

PC’s Go up the stairs:
Gleb: (Lights the oil lamps to illuminate the hallway. As well as lights the fireplace) Gleb then opens a closed door and enters the room, (It is the library).

Rickard: Examines the room, however he does not notice anything interesting about the books.

Anamortiva: Examines the desk and finds several items including a key in the door.

Selena: Takes the windmill insignia.

Rickard: starts pulling out books and finds a secret door.

PC’s enter through the secret door after propping it open with a chair. They find a room full of cult stuff however Rickard finds that they are not legit.

PC’s notice a skeleton wearing leather armor next to a chest that seems to have been killed by a poison dart. Gelb approaches the skeleton and takes a note out of its hand written by Strad.

PC’s find deed to house, deed to windmill, 3 spell scrolls (bless, protect from poison, spiritual weapon) , a will, 3 books value 25 gold each.

Rickard: Takes the 3 spell scrolls and 3 books

Anamortiva: Takes the Deeds and the will

Tasia: Enters another room further down the hall while the other PC’s are in the secret room. (This room contains several musical instruments and chairs. (Tasia lights the fireplace and then plays notes on a harpsicord.)

Gleb: enters another room and finds what looks to be a servant quarters, as well as, the other dumbwaiter.

PC’s the leave the second floor and continues to the third floor.

PC’s notice that the first two floors are quite a bit different from the third floor. The first two floor were very well kept and decorative whereas this floor is very worn down and in disrepair.

Anamortiva: Speaks to a spider to get information, (this was not successful).

Gleb: continues past Anamortiva and opens a door. (This room seems to be a master bedroom)

Rickard: examines the Jewelry box and takes its contents. (Box 75 gold piece, 3 gold rings 25 gold piece each, platinum necklace with topaz 750 gold piece)

PC’s continue to look through the rooms on the third floor and find the entrance to balcony, storage closets and the dumbwaiter.

Rickard: Examines the closed off wall to find that it is indeed closed off.

Selena: Examines the mirror and likes the way she looks in it.

PC’s enter the nursery and begin to search the room

Gleb: Examines the crib and causes a ghost to appear. (First encounter)
Spectral Woman Appears:

Gleb: “Death from Above” Alerts other PC’s of the danger. They begin to attack the ghost.

Selena shoots an arrow which passes through the ghost and almost hits Gleb however with an amazing feat of athleticism Gleb catches the arrow. Selena attempts to throw a silver knife at the ghost and critically fails cutting herself in the process.

Spectral Woman Defeated

PC’s begin to search the room, they start by having Selena light the fire in the fireplace. Then they find a secret passageway behind the mirror that Selena previously “overlooked”. PC’s go through secret door and start trying to open doors that are locked. Anamortiva unlocked the door with the key she found the door earlier. Upon entering the room the find the corpse of two small children, one of which that is clutching a doll that seems “very familiar”.

Selena: Opens the toy chest causing the spectral images of the two children to appear.

Child 1: “What are you doing, why are you here?”

Selena: “We are here to help you, you asked us to be the monster.”

Rose: “There is a monster in the basement, if you look at my doll house you will find the way there. Our parents locked us in here to protect us however they never came back and we starved to death.”

PC’s continue to speak with the ghost of the children, they are trying to leave the room without making the ghost of the child angry. As they try to leave the child begins to insist that the PC’s cannot leave them alone in the room.

Gleb: attempts to leave the room, he barely avoids being possessed.

Darrius: Sneaks out of the room.

Selena: Leaves the room in a hurry before the ghost can react.

Tasia: Leaves the room and narrowly avoids being possessed.

Rickard: Leaves the room and avoids being possessed.

Anamortiva: Stays behind in the room.

PC’s (with the exception of Anamortiva) enter into a room with furniture draped in cloth and a trunk, upon inspection the PC’s find that the trunk has the body of a woman wrapped in a sheet. Upon inspection you find that the woman was stabbed by multiple people.

PC’s (with the exception of Anamortiva) head to the secret door and enter through it. After going down several staircases the PC’s end up in the basement. Upon entering the basement the PC’s are able to vaguely make out chanting coming from somewhere in the basement.

Rickard: attempts to discern what the chanting is but is unable to make out what is being said or where it is coming from.

Darrius: Leads the way through the basement, sneaking as to not be heard with the rest of the group following a few feet behind. Darrius finds a stone slab door that he is unable to open.

Gleb: Advances to the stone door and pushes it open.

As the PC’s enter the room they notice another set of stone doors, above the door they see a sign the reads Walter durst. Entering the room the group examines a table, after thoroughly looking at the table they take note that it is nice.

Darrius: Moves further down the hallway, trying to be as stealthy as possible. Coming to a split in the hallway Darrius decides to move north, coming to another set of stone doors.

Selena, Darrius and Tasia all work together to push open the door, to find an empty coffin laying on a stone slab.

After looking at both room Darrius determines that these are the coffins of the children and leaves the group to return back to the room were Anamortiva is watching the children and informs here that they need to get the bodies of the children back to their coffin.

Rose: “what are you doing, why are you wrapping up our bodies, where are you planning on taking us. You want us to go to bed, we don’t want to go to bed.”

Anamortiva: As Anamortiva attempt to leave the room she is possessed by Rose, causing her to become very independent and bossy.

Darrius and Anamortiva then make their way back to the basement. They take Roses bone to the coffin and place her bones into the crypt and close the top of the coffin. As the lid closes Anamortiva feels Roses spirit leaving her body indicating that Rose has moved on to Blessed Sleep. The PC’s then move Thorns body to his crypt to allow his spirit to rest as well.

The PC’s then continue to search room in the basement, avoiding opening the crypts of the parents for the time being. Entering the next room they notice a large number of bones laying across the ground, after investigating the bodies Anamortiva notices that it seems like there are human teeth marks on the bones.

The PC’s move further into the basement and enter a room with a well in the center of it. Anamortiva casts light on the bucket of the well and drops into the water, everything seems normal.

Selena: (Pulls the bucket back up and examines the water)
PC’s then examine the bedrooms and notice that each room is securely locked with padlocks.

Gleb: (attempts to open a lock and fails)

Tasia: forces open a lock and find a silver short sword worth 110 gp.

Darrius: Lock picks another door to find an ivory hair brush with silver bristles. Value ??

Rickard: smashes up a lock, finds an eyepatch and gives it to Gleb (Value 50 gp.)

Selena: opens a lock and find 3 moss agates worth 50 gp each.

Anamortiva: smashes up a lock and finds 11 gp, 60 sliver pieces in a pouch make of human skin.

As the PC’s move further into the basement they hear the chanting louder and are able to discern where it is coming from, they go the other way. Entering a room to be ambushed by ghouls.

Battles against the Ghouls

After a hard fought battle with Gleb acting as meat shield the damage the PC’s come out on top and defeat the ghouls.

The PC’s continue on their path and enter a room that seems very ritualistic

Gleb: (Approaches a statue and proceeds to knock it over, resulting in another ambush of dark figures.)

Battle with Shadow Figures

After a long fought battle the PC’s narrowly defeat the enemy and decide to take a short rest to recover their strength and health. After their rest the PC’s investigate the room that they defeated the shadowy figures in. Gleb takes the Crystal ball that was in the statue hands. Anamortiva finds a hidden stairway, Darrius ascends the stairs and finds a trap door that comes out in the Hunting Den. The PC’s then continue to search more rooms in the basement and find 15 candles and torches. In a footlocker they find the following: 1 Folded Cloak of Protection, A small wooden coffer (Unlocked) containing four potions of healing, a chain shirt, a mess kit, a flask of alchemist’s fire, a bullseye lantern, a set of thieves tools, and a spell book with a yellow leather cover containing the following wizard spells: 1st Level; disguise self, identify, mage armor, magic missile, protection from evil and good. 2nd Level; dark vision, hold person, invisibility, magic weapon.

Upon reaching into the chest two zombies that appear to be the lord and lady of the house appear and attack the party.

Battle with the Dursts

After a long battle the PC’s defeat the zombies of the lord and lady and continue to loot the chest:
Gleb: Takes 4 potion, Cloak of Protection
Darrius: Chain Shirt
Rickard: Mess Kit
Tasia: Bullseye Lantern, Thieves Tools
Anamortiva: Alchemist’s Fire

PC’s place Durst corpses in grave
With top hat lit, the PCs head downstairs toward the chanting.

They enter a room full of 13 niches in the wall. Rickard checks for traps and doesn’t detect any

Gleb begins to investigate niches:
1. Small shriveled finger: nobody
2. A knife carved from human bone: Selena
3. Dagger with rat skull pommel: Gleb
4.Eye orb: Rickard
5. A bone aspergillum: Rickard
6. Ghoul skin cloak: Selena
7.Desiccated frog on stick: nobody
8. Bag of bat guano: nobody
9. Hag’s severed finger: nobody
10. Mummy figure: Animortiva
11. Iron devil pendant: Trevor
12. Shrunken head: nobody
13. Coffer with dire wolf tongue: nobody

The PCs enter a series of rooms with shackles. Darius and Selena fail to find anything, but Rickard discovers a secret door and a skeleton. Fails medicine check.

Selena passes medicine check to discover the skeleton was stabbed to death. She takes gold ring.

Gleb smashes skull to be safe.

Gleb walks through secret door. As he does, chanting stops.

Rickard and Tasia check water, find nothing.

Darius jumps 10 feet to land on the dias. Shadows appear and chant “One must die!” repeatedly. Alter in the center has ghouls carved in it.

Selena jumps, misses, falls in water.

PCs phase through chanters.

Selena is unable to find an animal to sacrifice.

Rickard casts guidance and searches alter, fails to find anything new.

Rickard uses Turn Undead on shadows, nothing happens. He then searches refuse pile and finds nothing.

Selena checks the dias, then opens the portcullis

Group discernes it must sacrifice a living creature, not an illusion or a dead creature.

Rickard grabs spider, but the other PCs stop him.

Darius leaves dias. As he does chanting changes to “Lorgoth the Decayer, we awaken thee!”.

Lorgoth, a shambling mound, rises from the refuse.

Selena hits with hunter’s mark.

Rickard sacrifices spider, chanting stops.

Animortiva hits with Sacred Flames finally.

Lorgoth attacks Gleb, misses both times and hits itself.

Gleb and Selena attack, Rickard banes. Tasia hits once, Darius uses multiple Ensaring Strikes (failing to ensare on each attack), Animortiva hits with Sacred Flames again.

Lorgoth attacks again, missing Gleb a second time.

Gleb uses Reckless Attack, dealing a strong blow while Selena hits with arrows.

Rickard and Animortiva connect with Sacred Flames while Darius hits with more arrows.

Lorgoth aims at Tasia and misses.

Gleb, in an epic maneuver, decapitates Lorogth.

Selena takes silverware. Rickard looks through library for books and finds a couple.

Upon leaving the house, all silverware tarnishes and all paper-based objects age and yellow significantly.

The night ends with the party discussing what to do with deeds. Tasia doesn’t want to keep deeds, but to try and find the closest kin. Rest of the party want to sell the dee


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