Selena Forewinn

Trevor's Gavony Ranger


Colors: Black/Red


Daughter of Casteel Forewinn Heir, newly elevated Bishop of the church of Avacyn a position greater than his nobility within the Church. From birth raised in the Creed that great things come to Family first and then self, She was trained from an early age the benefits of dexterity and respect befitting her station. Things had gone well for the Forewinn family and had since Casteel became a Bishop of the church. Having gained great respect and power from this elevation he decided upon funding a great crusade against the Dark Creatures endangering and enslaving the peoples of Innistrad. Many gathered to join in the fight, Cathars of the church and even the common peoples flocked to the ranks of the Holy army put together to combat the threat to humanity. As 5th daughter of the family, Selena was never destined to sit around the keep playing the political games of the nobility of Gavony. She had been trained in the ways of the bow, with special attention to the removal of undead from afar. This training was given that she may one day grow to bring glory to the Family in the war, an Officer of the Great holy army. This vision of future power political and military never came to fruition. In her 22nd year the army suffered a near total loss and brought these plans to an abrupt Halt shortly before she gained her command. After a few months the family lost much of the standing that was gained by the armies victories against the dark. Soon after Casteel, while retaining his rank, was stripped of his voice in the council of elders. After an incident, Selena was taken aside by her father and given a Purse and was given the task of being a presence of the family and trying to gain back some glory for herself and thus the family. One day while looking for some lead as to where to find adventure, she received a missive. She was to attend the promotion celebration as representative of the family.

Selena Forewinn

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