Rickard Aegis

Sarah Hoover's Gavony Cleric


Alignment – True Neutral
Personality Trait – I must always know why things work and what makes people tick.
Ideals – Everyone should always be free to pursue their own interests.
Bond – The workshop where I learned my trade is the most important place in my world.
Flaws – I will do anything to get my hands on knowledge that is rare or valuable.


Rickard was sent to the Church of Avacyn as a young child to serve as an acolyte. While this there, his above average intelligence allowed him to surpass his agemates and he was gradually allowed deeper into the Church’s libraries. Over time, his curiosity led him to discover more and more hidden knowledge, and his obsession with secret knowledge was born. One day he was discovered, and rather than cause a scandal by formally excommunicating him, the Church instead strongly “encouraged” Rickard to leave.
On his own, Rickard was left alone and penniless in the Capital city of Thraben. He decided to approach the Alchemist’s Guild, and was accepted as the apprentice of a Master Rokkan. Rokkan quickly became a surrogate parent to the intelligent young man, and nurtured his curiosity.
Over time Rickard outpaced his master, and was deemed ready to go out into the world. Though he had little world experience, having spent his entire life in the realm of academia, Rickard possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of a vast array of topics. He is eager to learn things that aren’t in his books, and perhaps test some of the more arcane arts in his repertoire. He has heard that there are others in the world with similar passions to his, and is determined to locate and learn from them.

Rickard Aegis

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