Ireena Kolyanna

Adopted daughter of the late Burgomeister and target of Strahd


Ireena is a beautiful woman who is the adopted daughter of the late burgomeister of Shadowgrange. Though competent, she has been bitten twice by Strahd. Now, most of the villagers refuse to talk to her, fearing her transformation into a vampire. Her brother wants to move her to Lammas, but she refuses to go until the PCs help her bury her father. She said that her father died a few nights ago from stress, as the house had been assailed for weeks by various creatures of the night. Strangely, since her father died, the attacks have stopped. She remembers little of her past, only knowing she ended up in Shadowgrange and was adopted by the burgomeister.

Ireena, while appearing mild, especially due to current circumstances, is actually strong willed and is usually capable of taking care of herself. However, with Strahd on the move, everyone, including and especially her (since she seems to be his target), must be extra cautious.


Ireena Kolyanna

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