Shane's Stensia Barbarian


Personality Trait: I don’t run from evil, it runs from me. I seek the thrill of the hunt.

Ideals: I have a dark calling that puts me above the law.

Bonds: There’s evil in me. I can feel it. It must never be free.

Flaws: I talk to spirits that no one can see.


Colors: Red/ Green/ White


My family was a collection of individuals that did not fit in with the normal church society of Innistrad. Instead, we praised the name of Avacyn as a band of traveling musicians. A life of constant motion, we would visit small towns singing songs as well as putting on plays commending the holy power that is the arch angel Avacyn. Our purpose was keeping the faith of Avacyn alive in areas where protection from evil was minimal. It was a dangerous venture to say the least, but it was worth it to see hope brought to the eyes of the people of Innistrad.
I was 14 when my family visited Stensia. Known as the province controlled by vampires, it was an area my parents felt was in need of religious uplifting. Turns out they were correct. The people of Stensia were thrilled when we rolled through their villages. Song and dance was not something they saw very often so our presence seemed to bring life back into these areas if only for a small moment.
On one particular night the troupe set up camp for the evening in the woods. During dinner I took a walk to try and clear my head as I have done on many different occasions. However, when I returned to the camp I found it in a state of perpetual silence. The only sound was of a vampire feasting on the corpses of my family. At first I was stunned, the situation seemed like a bad dream where I would eventually wake up. The realization that my family was dead slowly dawned on me as the vampire finally took notice of my presence. At first I was terrified, knowing this vampire was going to kill me just like the rest of the troupe. He slowly moved towards me with bloodlust in his eyes, laughing at how helpless I was in the current situation.
It was at this point that I should have looked towards the light of Avacyn, praying for the blessed sleep to take me away from this miserable existence. Instead, I relinquished the light and allowed darkness to seep into my mind. A rage consumed me, feral fury that begged to be released on this monster. So, I let it.
When the rage subsided there was nothing left of the creature but a bloodied paste. Over the next decade I lived in the woods of Stensia. I learned to control the rage to aid me in battle. I trained to become stronger, giving myself the capability to prevent monsters from killing others. When I felt I was ready, I left the Stensian woods seeking to end the reign monsters have had on Innistrad for so long.


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