Curse of InniStrahd

Session Three: Daughters of Darkness


Bob: Svin
Bethany: Cucumber
Megan: Anamortiva
Shane: Gleb
Jesse: Valen

The PCs awoke the day after the Death House party returned, finding the fog had disappeared from the town. The party escorted Ireena to the town priest Donavich to perform the burial rights on the former burgomaster. However, the despondent priest refused to do anything until his son’s predicament was resolved. Gleb and Valen discovered his son, a vampiric convert, starving in the basement. Svin decided this was his place or battle and returned to the mansion. Anamortiva and Cucumber held back the priest, trying to hold the manic man back. They tried to explain that the curse was irreversible, but he refused to listen. Before he broke through though, Gleb and Valen ended the poor boy’s life. The priest wailed in despair, but realizing that this was the right thing, performed the rights. He suggested the players take Ireena to the Abbey of Saint Traft in Krezk.

He also informed the players of a strange occurrence where ghosts awoke every midnight and traveled up the mountain towards Castle Ravenloft. The four waited until dark and investigated. They saw the ghosts spawning near a green light. Upon further exploration, they found the light coming from a lantern near a strange girl. At first, she was coy and played with the PCs, but eventually got to her point: she wanted the deed to the Death House for unknown reasons. In trade, she offered her services later when she was ready. After some questions and vague questions, and Gleb bargaining for the green lantern, a deal was struck and Cassandra left to get to work.

The PCs awoke the next day and as they were leaving town, saw an old crone selling pies. Cucumber was able to detect her thoughts and discovered the woman was selling pies. She soon fled to the Windmill. The PCs followed her to the windmill and confronted her. They had the upper hand until her daughters showed up and the coven was able to access powerful spells. The PCs left and vowed vengeance. After some debate and a quick stop in Lammas to lick their wounds, the PCs headed westward to Krezk and the Abbey of St. Traft.


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